18 amazing yet simple photo effects to make yourself look different




I do graphic designing for my hobby and time again keep on editing my personal images on Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, etc. I took some time away to go through some tutorials available on the net and then used photos from sxc.hu to try all of them. I am not a pro so I kept to the simple ones – but the result has been exhilarating. Now I am going to apply them on my different personal photos and I say you do the same thing. If any of you face difficulty, then talk to me or mail me the photo on which you are trying to apply this effect and tell me which one you are trying and I will do it and send you the psd file along with it as well.


Inspiration: Tutorialised



Inspiration: Steve Patterson



Inspiration: Digital Photography Journal



Inspiration: Harley Jane



Inspiration: Thegrafixgirl



Inspiration: Cute.ninza



Inspiration: Free Online Classes



Inspiration: El.sje



Inspiration: Steve Patterson



Inspiration: Photoshop Box



Inspiration: Photoshop Box



Inspiration: myself



Inspiration: Steve Patterson



Inspiration: Abduzeedo



Inspiration: Psdtuts



Inspiration: Psdtuts



Inspiration: Steve Patterson



Inspiration: myself


PS: I haven’t followed the tutorial exactly in certain cases as every photo is different and in some cases a couple of steps were too complicated for me. I will try to make the actions in photoshop for the same and upload it for the use of others.

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23 Responses to 18 amazing yet simple photo effects to make yourself look different

  1. Sumesh says:

    Generous of you to send the PSD if we have trouble. However, if this gets viral on Digg/SU etc., you’re in trouble ;)

    But otherwise, great effects. I can only imagine the time and effort you’d have had to spend on this. Dugg and stumbled.

  2. Rajat says:

    I will create the actions and post that later on – apart from a couple of them rest all have taken under 2 hrs – thats why I call it simple effects but makes your photo looks cool – just follow the tutorials and experiment a little and you will get there…

  3. Rakshitk says:

    Looks amazing….
    I am surely going to try few of these.

  4. Vaibhav says:

    Need to say, Fantabulous effects. really pro effects.
    Thanx a lot for letting us know all about these. Will come in handy.

  5. Rajat says:

    yeah I have always wanted to have special effects on my pics and I am not a pro designer – just know the basics – all these effects are like baby steps

  6. Ashwin says:

    Looks amazing man. Thanks for the effects. Nice thing to waste your time on. ;)

  7. Nirmal says:

    Cool effects, as Ashwin pointed out, nice time pass. :-)

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  9. Rajaram S says:

    Cool !!
    I have copied the links of most of the effects to try them out ..if you are interested in a “no-photoshop” trick which i did sometime back, you can check out http://www.srajaram.com/2007/10/dreaming-about-you.html

  10. Rajat says:

    Ashwin, in between our work we all like to do some timepass playing around with our photos. Nirmal, this is something we wouldnt live without – I am just trying it do it myself rather than outsourcing it :)
    Sabado, hese links have got more amazing resources to explore. Best of Luck

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  12. mike says:

    I wouldn’t say its a waste of time as Ashwin stated. Any time you learn something new I’d say i’ts more of an investment of your time. These are some great photo effects. I’m about to try one right now. thanks and I hope to see more soon.

  13. sweeta says:

    good one >>>>tis z d way to waste ur time

  14. cristy says:

    i want my pics to look pretty

  15. sravan says:

    that was a great post. i was looking for some thing like this since long time.

  16. anshika says:

    hii….this pics are amazing!!! simple and reachable!!! just wanted to know how can i access the tutorials related to each picture!! :)

  17. leynee says:

    i need a simple imges to facebook profile,pls.help now!

  18. Im_Me says:

    Wth how to i do this???

  19. Kate says:

    All I got into was the users manual ??

  20. Eddie says:

    I love the last one.thanks

  21. MaryAm KaleEm says:


  22. Prachiti Adarkar says:

    pls just say me how u did this?

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