Happy New Year To All!

May this year bring lots of prosperity in everyone’s life. And one thing, which everyone thinks of is World Peace. Let’s hope we see many more people working towards it, rather than only think about it (that includes me as well.).


One more thing, I would like to stress in this post and that will be the security of everyone. Lets make sure that we’ll try our level best to be secure and will help others too. As I’d mentioned in my earlier post that there are people who are playing with emotions of people and using various files (which appear as greetings) but are worms or viruses. This was related to Christmas but these people are actually trying to ruin the New Year’s eve as well.

There are various files floating in the internet which display them as greetings but are actually Trojans. There is one such email, which F-secure blog noticed about and has reported about it as well. The email states Happy New Year and has one attachment which is named as PostCard.EXE. So, we have to make sure that we are downloading any such emails and we must delete all these files. Don’t forget to update your security software and there is always good thing and that is awareness. I’ll suggest you to read various books which will help you in being safe from these stupid tricks.

Once again happy new year and have the safe new year ahead!

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