How to improve feeds of WordPress 2.1 and increase the page views!

feed2.pngAs discussed in the last post that wordpress 2.1 has got lot of changes in it and one of the changes, which I would like to discuss specifically, is that wordpress 2.1 truncates the content of the post in feeds in case you use the MORE tag in your posts. More tag is helpful in increasing the pageviews and thus the use of it certainly good and publishing full feeds is also one of the better options as we’ve discussed earlier.

So, to overcome this particular problem, you can use the full feed plugin from and that will display the full feeds without worrying about the fact that you are using more tag.

However, most of the users will complain that full feeds actually reduce the page views too, so to overcome this particular problem we can make use of Related posts plugin and related posts in feed hack from Tech buzz. What will happen is that not only you’ll be able to see the related posts in the pages but also in the feeds and thus the page views can be increased even though you’ll release the full feeds.

In order to achieve that, please do the following :

1. Install Related Entries plugin.
2. Download this Wp-RSS2.php file.
3. Backup Original WP-RSS2 file.
4. Replace this downloaded file.
5. Done!

I would like to thank all these genius’s who applied their brains and created such wonderful plugins. Without their efforts, I’m many bloggers would have not been able to increase their popularity :)
Thanks : Solo Technology, is the blog run by Chris and I would request my readers to go and visit his blog as well, He has really nice posts and I’m sure you’ll love to read his posts regularly by subscribing to the feeds.

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3 Responses to How to improve feeds of WordPress 2.1 and increase the page views!

  1. HandySolo says:

    Thanks for the kind words!

  2. HandySolo says:

    Here’s a plugin that adds Related Posts to the feed without any core file modifications.

    It relies on Ultimate Tag Warrior instead of the wasabi plugin you mention in your article. I’ll likely tackle a version for that soon too.

  3. Well, that’s great! I noticed that chirs on your blog :) Thanks for the comment and creating a nice plugin too :)

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