How to make a copy of a movie DVD!

DvdThere are cases, when you feel that you should make a copy of your personal movie DVDs to make sure that the original ones don’t get bad and that you don’t lose your favorite movie. However, there is a small problem when it comes to making the backup copy of any DVD and i.e. that a DVD gets uncompressed and becomes bigger in size and it fails to get back on the other copy of the DVD.

There are few things which you can do to make sure that you can get exact copy of the movie DVD and that too without the lose of quality of the picture and these steps & softwares can help you in that :

1. Make the virtual drive & store it on your hard disk : You can always make use of various virtual drive softwares and make the backup of the DVD and store it on your computer’s hard drive. However, the problem is that it may take up to 8–9 GB of space of the hard drive. Here are some of the virtual drive software :

2. Copy the content of the DVD and write it on two DVDs : This can be one scenario, where you can copy the content of the DVD and using your DVD writing software, you can make the individual copy of the movie. Mostly, you get various ads or small clippings from the movie too and you can just keep them separate and just copy the VOB files (the actual movie) and then using your DVD writing software, write those files on the other DVD. Just make sure that you don’t make the Data disc using the software instead choose the option of Making DVD VIDEO. Because you’ll be leaving the extras and only concentrate on the actual video, then you’ll be able to make the copy of the DVD on two of them.

3. Using software which can create the direct copies : There are various software which are available and can make the copies of the DVD by removing some unwanted things (again the same unwanted episodes, the menu etc.) and then compressing the DVD content on the fly and writing it on to the backup disc. Here’s the list of the softwares :

These are the ways of making the backup of your favorite movies, in case you are aware of any other then feel free to share it in the comments section.

Please note : Creating copies of copyright content can be illegal. This post is only for sharing the knowledge. Please check the laws in your country, before following any step.

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6 Responses to How to make a copy of a movie DVD!

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  2. LISTIKAL says:

    A few programs I hadn’t seen yet. Nice simple tutorial.

  3. Gary Wang says:

    Very informative. DVD X Copy was a great DVD copy software program, but as per , it is no longer being sold. I did find some great all in one dvd burning software at:

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  5. Nigel says:

    Yep! I just use 1 Click DVD Copy 5 and a freeware combination of DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. DVD Decrypter works well with almost all DVD media as well as PS2 Games.

    You can download or buy 1 click dvd copy 5 from here
    i think it cost’s £19 if you buy online.

    I copied more DVD movies and PS2 games using the above tools and not a single hiccup as of late!

    Enjoy and thanks for the tutorial!

  6. lol says:

    Enter text right here!.

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