How to make computer fast – Simple Guide!

fast processorWe all work on computers, all day and night and be it work or home, we are some or the other way are using the computers. Now, the point is that after so much use, what exactly we do to keep our computers running as fast as new. I know it is next to impossible to keep it as fast as a fresh loaded machine but yes the results can be brought some what near to that performance.

Now, the tips in this tutorial or article may be old and may be that most of us must be aware of these tips as well but I’ll try to incorporate as many tips as I can and I’ll hope that you’ll find something or other useful in this tutorial. I’m being specific to windows computers over here and not talking about Linux or Macintosh (I’m sorry to disappoint Mac & Linux users, but some simple tips will certainly help you people as well.)

* Software Installation : Installing more and more software can make the computer slow down. The reasons for that are that installation of a software will make entries in registry and that is somewhat bad. The software may be running in the startup. The software will install various files on the computer and an overloaded hard disk makes the computer slow.

* Free up disk space : Try to keep your hard disk space free. You’ll always notice that a computer with free space on hard disk will always run much faster than the one which is loaded with extra stuff.
* Remove Unwanted Items From Startup : Well, if you’ll remove the unwanted softwares from the startup then your computer will boot up much faster and the memory (RAM) will also remain free and thus that will again result in better computing experience. I’ll suggest you to use free version of WinPatrol for this if you want you can buy the paid version and that is Winpatrol Plus as well. It is a very nice software and will help you a lot.
* Run hard disk maintenance utilities : Always run the utilities like Disk Defragmentation or Disk checking utilities regularly, around once in 2 weeks.

* Run Registry Cleaner : Right, this one is related to first tip. In case you’ve already installed and uninstalled various softwares before reading this tutorial then you can go ahead and run various registry cleaning softwares. Regseeker is one of the highly rated software and has some of the good utilities to help you in various computer tweaking.

* Keep your windows and security softwares up to date : Yes, updating the windows and keeping the security softwares will help you being safe from latest viruses and worms. Having a good anti-spyware is one of the good options.

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12 Responses to How to make computer fast – Simple Guide!

  1. barhen says:

    The speed of the computer depends a lot on the health of the HDD. When its choked with junk or severely fragmented, it can behave like a diseased drive thats incapable of doing anything fast!. Even working on MS Word can turn out to be an ordeal. In extreme cases it can even cause crashes and freezes.

  2. reviewsaurus says:

    @ Barhen : Exactly and that’s why I suggested to clean up the hard disk space :)

  3. shreyas chandratre says:

    my booting is very slow how to make it fast.

  4. Malik says:

    my computer has many viruses and when i install some antivirus program to scan my computer, it hangs my computer due to poor speed of my computer i can’t do even two operations at a time

    • helpGuy says:

      use the free program Malwarebytes Anti-Malware it free and clear wont harm ur computer it free get it from it might help

    • whitney says:

      Try these utilities – Zone Alarm and AVG
      Use these manually – A2Square, Malwarebytes and Spy bot
      Run the manuals in "safe" mode
      Good luck

  5. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ Malik : Well, there are lot of things which depend on the speed of the computer. In order to ensure that I can help you with the problem, do let me know the computer configuration, which OS you are using and which anti-virus you are using.

    I’m sure with those stats, we’ll be able to find out the right solution for you

  6. Anirban says:

    i am using xp sp -2 with quick heal antivirus bt it dont work so nice and my computer is also very slow……….wat to do?

  7. hahatheekhai says:

    Just delete Temp file also to go with this proccess – click on start then click run type %temp% and delete all the temp files………… it will increse littile more speed ur system………..!

  8. Aminul says:

    i have windos vista. but from capole manth is making big noise, now what can i do please give me some information.

  9. Juliej928 says:

    For advanced processing systems must work fast. And for fast systems programs must run smoothly; there shall be no freezing and computer crashing. All this is possible when corrupted and invalid registry keys are repaired and removed. To clean windows registry. RegInOut is one of the best few registry cleaners available in the market.

  10. rogerswift34 says:

    is there an all in one software that does all this functions, just to save time?
    thanks for this post. its very helpful.

    Roger S. Swift
    Clerical worker supervisor

    My recent post Dell Laptops computer towers

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