How to send attachments of 1 GB?

Holidays are coming and I am sure that you are ready with your shining and glittering camera to click the photographs of your loved ones or may be using your handycam to shoot the video of your little ones. But, the problem comes when you go ahead and try to share the same with your friends and family members and that too without making those files public on Youtube or Flickr.

Another scenario can be that you want to share a big presentation file or bunch of office documents which are over 20-30 MB but are not able to find out the way of sharing it because your email provider is not giving you the power of sending emails over 10 MB. There may be various scenario’s like this where you wanted to share something which was bigger in size and you just don’t have the email service which will allow you to send the documents over 10 MB or may be your friends or family members are still stuck with that 10 MB mailbox!

To solve this, there is a program and service which lets you send the attachment of up to 1 GB at one time. The software will be installed on your computer and then you signup for the service and then just specify the files or folder which you want to send to your friends and it will create a small file with an extension .pando

That .pando file is sent across to your friends and they can use Pando at their end to transfer whole of data from your computer directly or from pando’s servers. In case you are wondering on how exactly it works then Pando has made it clear in the most simplest way.

Another, way of sending the unlimited email attachements is by using the Lycos Mail service. Lycos mail provides the facility of sending the email attachments and the attachements can be of any size. However, as I’d mentioned earlier in this post that it can be a case where the other person may not be having a bigger mailbox.

There are other ways of sharing or sending the files, however after running the tests it has been noticed that the file transfer is much faster in Pando as compared with other mediums. So, it is suggested that instead of using any other medium, you must use Pando for smooth email attachment transfer.

Links : [Pando Homepage] [Lycos Mail]
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