More than 50% PCs are infected from malware even with Anti-Virus installed!

virus.jpgAccording to the the campaign Infected or Not, which is run by Panda Software, more than 50 % PCs are infected from Malware’s even though there was an antivirus software installed on the machines.

The report is shocking and the bad thing is that the number is increasing with every update and the update is done every 15 minutes. The campaign was started by Panda labs with the intention of finding out the infected PCs and so that they can display the stats and the stats actually show most of us need awareness about the security of the computers from these malwares.

Now, I’m not an advocate of one single piece of security software at all and I’ll never ever suggest anyone to keep single security software, as no single security software can give you complete protection over the internet and thus I’ll suggest you to go through these posts and make sure that you can keep yourselves safe from the threats :

1. Triple Protect your PC.
2. Free way of keeping your computer safe.

Apart from that, the free scan run by Panda labs ensures that not only, it finds the infections but it also lets you clean the problems and that too for free however, just requires a free registration for that. There are two levels of scan, a simple scan and the other is deep scan. I’ll suggest everyone to go for the deep scan.

(Click on the image for the report, the figures will vary as the update is done very 15 minutes.)

Why should I go for the scan ?

Well, there are couple are reasons for that and both are useful not only for you but for others as well and here are the reasons :

1. If you use any other antivirus then you get to see the difference between the current antivirus solution you are using and the Panda’s technology. Not only that, you get a free option of using another software (Just for your benefit…isn’t it ?)

2. The information (nothing personal) you provide to Panda can help in spreading the awareness amongst other users and thus can alert others to take this matter seriously as the consequences have been bad for many.

So, my suggestion is to go ahead and go for the deep scan. For this you’ll need to use Internet explorer as the extension for Firefox is still under development. Go for it, and help yourself and other too :)

Links : Scan your computer for malware.

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3 Responses to More than 50% PCs are infected from malware even with Anti-Virus installed!

  1. Pallab says:

    Well, what else do you expect when so many people use the likes of Mcaffe and Microsoft One Care.
    However, I wont go by what Panda says. It is known to sometimes give false positives.
    Overall, based on all the reviews I have seen Kaspersky seems to be the best choice in terms of detection rates.
    And, if one can’t pay he should use AOL Active Shield – which is basically Kaspersky minus some features like http traffic scanning.

    Make an informed choice :

  2. reviewsaurus says:

    Well, Pallab I agree that there are many anti-virus softwares which are not upto the mark and some do give false positives. But, it depends on lots of things and the reports or websites you’ve chosen are also good. It was just that I was giving an option, that one can always choose another online scanner and see where exactly there antivirus stands.

    And as you see the above listed URL, I’ve always supported that one must have more than 1 layer of protection and so, it is not just one antivirus solution which can give you the best protection.

  3. Anti Virus says:

    You cant stick to one, as not all anti virus softwares can protect your pc from getting infected from all sorts of viruses. You have to keep your computer updated with the latest softwares to protect your computer.
    Reguler scanning and updates are a must.

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