Should one install more RAM in computers?

I hear most of the computer users cry that there computer is running slow and isn’t as fast as it used to be. Well, there can be multiple reasons for the same, including but not limited to 1) Computers getting infected from spywares or viruses 2) Hard Disks getting full 3) RAM is low as compared to the latest software installs.

I’ve already covered quite a lot on how one can ensure that there computer can stay away from spyware & viruses, I’ve even covered on the topic that how some one can use ReadyBoost technology on Windows Vista to use pen drives as RAM, however I still say that this technology isn’t the permanent solution and one should put actual RAM on the computers.

RAM’s are pretty cheap these days, I got 4 Gb of RAM for my Apple Macbook for as low as $ 110. It has considerably improved the performance of my laptop and I know that I’m already safe for like 2-3 yrs. Of course, I’m a power user and I run more than 3-4 heavy applications at a time, thus it makes sense for me to install more RAM on my computer – the question remains though that should an average computer user install more RAM on their computers or not? I’ve tried to answer the question and here it is –

1. More RAM will ensure that your computer is future proof – Generally operating system makers (Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac) release new versions of their respective operating systems in every 2-3 yrs. and with every new release, they start acting as memory hog for your computer. So, if you’ll have more RAM, you know that with every update and release you won’t have the trouble of changing the RAM. At any given day, I would suggest at least 2 Gb of RAM if you are using Windows Vista.

2. If you start playing Games – Same is the case with PC Games! With advancement in hardware and their slashing prices, companies are trying to improve the quality of their games for better gaming experience, however that results in heavy applications that need more RAM & Video memory. If you are planning to play games on your computers then you should consider installing more RAM on your computer.

3. Run multiple applications at a time – Having more RAM allows you to utilize the multi-tasking ability of the computer systems. There are people who prefer to run light music in background while they work on their business application. I’m doing that same at this point of time, while writing the article – I’m listening to music and occasionally I’m checking my emails too. Having more RAM allows me to run all these applications at one time and no worry about my computer being slow.

In short, to improve the user experience – software companies include more features and have rich user interface and that causes the software to become memory hog and thus one needs more memory. If you think that your computer is running slow then you should consider checking it for virus and even if that doesn’t solve your problem, you should consider buying more RAM.

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