Windows XP SP3 (service pack 3) Install problems!

After the release of Windows XP SP3 there are thousands of people who are facing various problems. The problems are from installation of SP 3, to post installation problems. All these problems occur because people really don’t follow the correct way of installing the service pack :

In order to ensure that you don’t face such a problem please follow these steps

1. Download the service pack 3 from here (official microsoft download) (direct link).
2. Restart the computer and boot the computer in safe mode.
3. Install the SP 3 from there.

Note : If you don’t know how to boot in safe mode, then simply exit all the third party software and especially antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware etc.

Please note : Some people who are using Norton internet security are reporting that it’s giving false positives after they install SP3. It’s telling ctfmon.exe as a keylogger. It’s just a false positive and you should ignore that alert from Norton internet security.

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  1. Person reading and considering says:

    Ok i have read everything, well mosly, and I have similiar problems when downloading SP3. My dad downloaded the SP3, more like the computer b/c we lost electricty and when it rebooted it added the SP3 onto the computer, and we were stuck in a endless void of rebooting. We couldn’t go into safe mode so we had to go back to a restore point. Found out that many people who live around us had similiar problems. I’m on a different computer, a compaq, but it never installed the SP3-smart computer. I was considering it when I came across this chat and now I have come to a decision. I’ll not install SP3 until Microsoft releases another update that’ll fix the problem or they created SP4. (which i doubt will be soon) The SP3 has been sitting on my computer for almost 4 months. I’ll research some more about this issue to find more info about it.

  2. Andy says:

    lol i just want Microsoft 7 to hurry up with it.. i hate all this service pack shit

  3. Robert says:

    Amit: Yes, ctfmon is a keyboard logger.

  4. Taftmcintosh says:

    Having run into numerous issues on two different computers (SAME Netgear Wireless card) I dug out my old trusty dell laptop, i let my girlfriend use it and keep a steady backup of the hard disk image from years ago just in case something like this happens. I have been able to connect to my wirless network but cant do a goddamned thing :(. I started wondering what ive changed and bingo. SERVICE PACK THREE. I honestly didnt install in safe mode like i was told, but would that really have made a difference for me? All in all this has been a less than satisfying experience for me. I regret ever having to deal with wireless networking technology in the first place, and im just glad i found this website before i spent another 90 bucks or so on a new wireless n card. DOing a roll back to pre service pack 3 was the best shit ive ever done.

  5. Motor Hedd says:

    AMD users:S@#$can SP3….in autoupdate choose custom install uncheck SP3 then dont show ypdate again.

  6. Sinistar says:

    Can you say PC’s suck kids? I knew you could.

    Now can you say, I’m such a dumbass…should have bought a Mac!!!

  7. Henry says:

    For anyone having a problem with sp3 (like I did, blue screen then could only reboot in safe mode) once in safe mode, go to start, all programs, accessories, system tools, then system restore. You can, providing you know roughly the date you installed (or tried to install) sp3 go back to the day before, or even the hour before it lets you select from a calendar. It takes about 10 minutes to boot but it’s back up and running as normal before SP3 disabled my computer. I won’t be trying to install that again I tried twice….fool me once etc etc. I’ll wait until its bullet proof, hope this helps someone

  8. I just installed SP3. Most programs such as Lotus and Organiser and Word work fine. I am however no longer able to access my .MDB file wich is on my server. There must be some rights issue. The shortcut is still there but when I click on it, nothing happens. Oh, Microsoft, how can you be so cruel to your clients.

  9. Al-Rifai says:

    I installed SP 3 about ten days ago. when i restarted my computer it could not locate my personal settings and it logged me on a temporarily profile. I thought i lost all my files which scared the shit out of me. Eventually i managed to located them. however, i am still struggling with logging using my old profile. I am afraid to uninstall SP3 and end up loosing every thing. I am backing up my files and still waiting to get an advice. Anyone run into the same issue with this stupid version. Please help!!!!


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  11. no more windows says:

    your response is compleatly wrong……if winblows was a better o.s. as it was, going in the right direction years ago.then this person would not be in the place that he with lots of other winblows useres are in.

  12. devil boy says:

    shit this sp3 i am trying to install it for 3 months and still i cant install it

  13. Sam says:

    You're right! I tried to install it twice and they blamed it on my computer. If it's my computer, why does everything work fine without sp3? I know why, sp3 is a virus!!! Stay away!!!

  14. Meet says:

    whine whine whine you guys all whine. SP3 works great on my machines, and my customers. I'm not sure why people appear to mess this up so easily.

  15. SP3rience says:

    why don't you try to re-install SP3 with no further instructions? It's a really nice experience . By the way, if you ever do get that update right, why not give a helping hand and provide the correct instructions?

  16. dszz says:

    i just read all these comments, aaaand I would like to give an advice for those folks that still aren't decided on what to do.
    Before you install sp3, MAKE A FULL BACKUP OF THE WINDOWS PARTITION FIRST. You do that with acronis, paragon hdd manager, etc.. That way, if something goes wrong after installing sp3, you restore the backup you made and everything is up and running again.

  17. venkat says:

    No problesm with xp sp2 what so ever ,not even tryign to switch to sp3 due to these problems

  18. Leigh says:

    Well, I followed the advice to install sp3 in safe mode, it installed then wouldn't let my pc boot up. It'd get to the windows page then the screen would go black and then restart again and again and again etc…… So in the end I had to change the bios so my pc would startup from cd and put my xp disk in and reinstall. Works ok now but I've turned off windows updates until microsoft can release something that won't fuck up a system that is working fine. If it ain't broke don't fix it !!

  19. goldy says:

    i have service pack 3 .
    but after nstallation of SP3., one of my software is not showing graphs.

  20. cmc says:

    fuck this man sp 3 was shit for home but my xp pro desktop has never ever had any problem but then again this is why i run lynix in the back drop cause xp cant touch it hahahaha and on top of it the internet is writen in unix hhhmmmmm rubs chin lynix unix sound close dont they well thats cause they came from the same place u want internet use fucking lynix it works better fuck the windows shit

  21. JOEY says:

    So i had one of those updates to install, did it and now my computer is so fucked. It was a service pack 3, i called microsft and unless you have a case number they will not help you. Let me see if i have this correct. I'm using there $1000.00 computer, using their software, doing their updates and now i can't even use my computer and can't get any help. FUCK WINDOWS- FUCK-FUCK AND FUCK.

  22. gemerrill says:

    I downloaded sp3 as Microsoft data said no problems and it will work great. They should be sued. I will never purcahse another PC as long as I live nor any producty MS sells. It is my only revenge. They wiped out part of ;;my computer with sp2 and it cost 800+ to get it partly fixed. I should know better. I think MS intentionally fucks up computers because when I got them they told me to call gateway which I already had for 2 hourss no help,
    So the guy reads me a card with three options. 1 call gateway, 2 no support for xp so no 2, 3 they will help for 79.00 To told him to wirte this down exactly for MS "go fuck yourself and I will never spend another cent with you"
    If we all did that it would work even with them.

    Bottom line I am waiting on my computer guy again and hope he can get my data so I can do a system rescue that wipes out all data. Microsoft go to hell and stay there

  23. David Sutherland says:

    The red shield doesn't bother me, not yet anyway. I have four or five programs
    I wanted, and haven't had a problem with any. The word marketing comes into
    my mind when I see the signature validation.

    Windows update is a different story. I read the above reviews about SP3. It
    is something some people need or want. I don't do the updates. I have ignored
    one update for more than a month. If I don't understand how or why I need it.
    I don't update. For reasons mentioned above. To me, it is inviting trouble
    for my humble operating system whose toughest task is running Yahoo Mess.

    I have rebuilt XP with Dell components. It came with SP3.

  24. paultech6 says:

    Computer was working fine with SP3. . I downloaded a program that threw a virus in and i had to do a system restore. Not a windows restore but complete.which on my HP comp formats then rewrites it from the other partition. Downloaded all my drivers needed and then did updates . I keep getting the auto update for SP3 but once its downloaded and installed the computer srestarts but into safe mode . Firewalls and antivirus off when downloading and installing . So anybody have an idea why my comp ran perfect with it before and now Iam having the above problem.

  25. Fuck Microsoft says:

    Fuck Microsoft. I had to compleaty reformat my hard drive. After I installed it would not boot up. Kept restarting after it tried to open windows. Fuck it all to HELL!!!!

  26. steve says:

    You'd think by now that they'd have fixed this wouldn't you?

    But NO! Still fucked up!

  27. kaushik says:

    if i install sp3 will all my data lost???

  28. Susan says:

    The same thing happened to me. I lost all of my document files and all of my photos.

  29. Amanda says:

    You're looking in the wrong place. You'd have more luck asking a bunch of people who write in caps lock….

  30. diego says:

    you are a super start it works fine so far, i think will be ok, Thanks you are good.

  31. Andrewkevin says:

    I dont use windows XP sp3 anymore, I switched to Windows Vista for a better performance and fast boot time.

  32. cris says:

    fuck this sp3 my sounds are useless now the sounds wont work

  33. Eric says:

    Solution is very easy. The problem is the Automatic DNS server of your TCPIP properties. Go into yuor internet connections, doubleclick the connections you use, then click on the Properties button, select the Internet Protocol Item(TCPIP) and click Properties, select “Use the following DNS Servers” and enter DNS server you know (a good one is – and click Ok. And voila you connection should work again

  34. ohio_mom47 says:

    can anyone tell me where i can download some of my drivers for free . i have looked every where. l;i lost my realtex audio driver….thank you

  35. hugophang says:

    what a stupid OS, 3rd service pack already ,still occur this kind of stupid problem….uninstalling now

  36. DEE says:

    simple work around
    click start
    select run
    copy and paste this line c:windows$NtServicePackUninstall$spuninstspuninst.exe
    worked for me like a charm

  37. pankaj says:

    Hi.. I recently upgraded to pack 3 and my computer is not showing any icon.I mean, I can see the text but cannot see the icon. . please advice

  38. alan says:

    This should be a class action lawsuit. My worstation is messed up now. I have lost serious time and money because of this.

  39. Drew says:

    I have the solution for all of you with these problems…… MAC

  40. SHILPI says:

    SP3 ivs important for dell PC

  41. WesTCoasT says:

    Anyone one of you stupid fucks heard of System Restore???

  42. Guster says:

    Can some one help me how to upgrade a pirated Dark edition with a genuine XP SP3

  43. Thanks for the information, your explanation saved a lot of my time. Better not install SP3 than face loads of problems

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