Windows XP SP3 (service pack 3) Install problems!

After the release of Windows XP SP3 there are thousands of people who are facing various problems. The problems are from installation of SP 3, to post installation problems. All these problems occur because people really don’t follow the correct way of installing the service pack :

In order to ensure that you don’t face such a problem please follow these steps

1. Download the service pack 3 from here (official microsoft download) (direct link).
2. Restart the computer and boot the computer in safe mode.
3. Install the SP 3 from there.

Note : If you don’t know how to boot in safe mode, then simply exit all the third party software and especially antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware etc.

Please note : Some people who are using Norton internet security are reporting that it’s giving false positives after they install SP3. It’s telling ctfmon.exe as a keylogger. It’s just a false positive and you should ignore that alert from Norton internet security.

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  1. Thanks a lot four your valuable information about how to install sp3 , i was trying to install for the last 15 days but i was unable to do this , your explanation is very good .


  2. Craig Gregersen says:

    After installing SP3 to a Gateway laptop with an Intel wireless card I was unable to access my wireless network. (Also installed SP3 on two desktops without any problems). I spent hours on the phone with the internet company, upgraded the wireless card drivers, upgraded my wireless modem firmware, changed setting after setting after setting, rebooted what seems like thousands of times (modem and laptop) and nothing worked – until I uninstalled SP3 and VOILA!! instant connection.

    • M Day says:

      How do I uninstall SP3 if I can't get online?

    • shiva says:

      I need your help – I have the same problem that you have (ie. NETGEAR wireless modem dropping connection every few minutes). Telstra advised me to UnInstall SP3 – how did you UNINSTALL Windows XP SP3 ?

  3. Dan Camden says:

    Wrong you are Bucko! I did a brand new install of XP w/SP3 as a second operating system and boy, DID IT SCREW THINGS UP – BIG TIME!!! Not only was the initial install screwed up, but it screwed up my initial version which was on a completely seperate drive! It also screwed older copies of Internet Explorer installed with the various operating systems I have installed on alternate dives. I have spent several days now trying to untangle its screwed up mess. My adivce to those thinking about installing SP3 – YOU’LL BE SORRY!
    Consider yourself warned!!!

  4. Jaime Alvelo says:

    Had serious problems with my Dell PC. System files were so badly messed up that the HD had to be re-formatted. I suspect it might have something to do with Norton Antivirus 360 conflict. Did same download on brand new PC and the same symptoms appeared: unable to boot normally, again, again and again. By luck I was able to restore to an earlier time period and that was a relief. There is a bad bug with this Service Pack and MS should pay for PC repairs and lost information. Don’t do it. Jaime

  5. Jim Ross says:

    WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T!! I clicked on INSTALL (SP3) on the Microsoft Windows Update site, and have now also spent hours trying to unravel this mess. Microsoft strikes (out) AGAIN! When will I learn?

  6. Thomas Goranson says:

    How do you uninstall SP3?

    • Dennis says:

      IF you can boot into safe mode…
      To go the remove programs program in the control panel.
      From there removal is "easy". I had to reboot a couple of time and take out my Nvidia drivers
      before the computer would let me go to anything but low video modes. Works now though.

    • carl miller says:

      goto control panel, add remove programs, check show updates, uninstall as normal

    • Rus says:

      Go to add remove programs and uninstall it.

  7. Omar Rashdan says:

    Thank You Guys , I have Been Dieing to install the SP3 but there were always an error at it’s start , NOW im Thankin God That This Error occured :) , Thanks For The FeedBack .. The Hell With Microsoft ……

  8. Tyson says:

    fuck SP3, it fucked up ALL my steam games and now my pc isnt working right thanks to this shit service pack

  9. David says:

    To uninstall sp3, you must boot in Safemode and click on the Start -> “Help and Support” and left click on the “Undo changes to your computer with a system restore” and select a previous restore point to get back your pre-sp3 machine.

  10. Raul Kacirek says:

    Doesn’t really help if (after 4 downloads) you click on SP3 file and are told it is corrupted.
    I am running broadband and tried download straight and with Download Manager and nothing works.
    Usual Microsoft – just laughing up their corporate sleeves.
    Gates was the lousiest programmer around but sure learned how to screw customers.

  11. Ted says:

    man, I’m having a crazy installation problem with my adobe installs… I keep getting “File Corrupt” errors!! Made me really nervous, and I think it is simply because of sp3. I never had this error before.
    I just installed sp3 because I had to reload my entire HDD when the last one crashed.

    • raju says:

      my suggestion is whatever we are doing to do step by step i think will not getting any problem any time. recording installation sp3 should not having some third party software in system like spyware antivirus specially norton ………………………………

  12. Gradiel says:

    Wow … to many Anti-Microsoft Fans here :)
    Well i won’t comment on your experience, but to tell you, I have installed the Service Pack without any issues.

    I didn’t know about the safe mode though nor it would install directly when I clicked on the Setup file.

    So, I used Winrar (Zip and Rar extractor), unzip the exe to actual files and ran the Update.exe in the Update folder.

    You will get issues while unzipping, but using Winrar, it ignores the error and completes the unzip.

    Once installed without any parameters, you will find it in your Add Remove programs if you wish to uninstall it.

    Though there are few issues with this Service Pack most of it is superb.

  13. Syahid A. says:

    I’ve got issues too! No sound coming out from the speakers anymore. What the heck.

    • jean says:

      we had this too thats how our issue started now after 6 reformats its problems w playing and viewing videos etc we are reformatting once more and no sp 3…

  14. Not a Techie says:

    CAUTION IF CONSIDERING INSTALL OF SP3. After almost 2 weeks of troubleshooting one problem after another post-SP3 install (still not resolved), I stumble across this… SIGH. Generally not anti-MS but I’m pretty pissed and haggard these days.

    First, for non-tech people like me, point of autoupdate is ease in keeping PC updated. All of a sudden, we’re suppose to DL file first, boot in SAFE MODE?? and then install updates? Prior to SP3 install (and failed install was 1st problem to crop up), never had any problems DL’ing updates from Windows Update site.

    Second, after finally installing SP3, have the following problems (none resolved still):
    (1) mp3 player not recognized by computer (connected via USB)
    (2) keep getting “paging file” error msg, and changes to paging file mem does not stick
    (3) now getting “low virtual memory” msg
    (4) user settings screwed up – WTH??
    (5) virus scan post install deteched Trojan in 43 files – WTF?

    Last but not least, can’t uninstall SP3 via Add/Remove. Says a file is missing…

    So if someone is really determined to install SP3, CREATE RESTORE POINT! Download file and RUN VIRUS SCAN, then run install. Good luck – need to get back on phone with MS Support.

  15. Not a Techie says:

    One more thing… System Restore not working so well either – apparently, SP3 install changed one too many files. Otherwise, I would have gone back to SP2 days.

    • shaun binns says:

      yeah i did a system restore and now erery time i open internet exsplorer it just closes down and i cant get on to it aol works but i dont like aol any help?

  16. Sayahid, your sound problem could be a driver issue. In my discussions with Dell Technical Support, they mentioned that some customers lost sound when they updated to SP3. There is a patch that fixes the problem (hopefully yours too).

    A survey conducted in late May found that at least 75% of XP users that installed SP3 experienced no difficulties. I installed SP3 from a CD on 20 machines, and have not had a problem yet. An SP3 CD also makes a fresh install less time consuming.

    The key to success is to familiarize yourself with the update, and follow Microsoft’s pre-installation instructions (backup files, turn off AV and other running programs, etc.). Some useful guidelines can be found here:

    If you have any problems with SP3 installation, Microsoft offers free technical support (866-234-6020).

  17. Keith Turnbull says:

    I have tried several times to install SP3 without success – it hangs during “Finalizing Installation”. Luckily I had a full Acronis clone to go back to, so no damage done except to my sanity. I am not a green newbie – I’ve been in IT for over 30 years. I have followed all the preparation steps prescribed by Microsoft support and all the suggested resolutions – none made any difference ti the outcome. I assume it is a driver compatibility issue, even though I only use Microsoft validated drivers, and will (when I can be bothered) try it again in Safe Mode.

    Donald French says that a survey in May found that “at least 75% of XP users that installed SP3 experienced no difficulties.” My response to that is that even if the figure is correct, 75% success rate is, by any professional standards, abysmal – especially when the result of failure is so extreme.

    After many years of defending Microsoft against colleagues who swear that Gates is the devil incarnate, I am beginning to think they have shot themselves in the foot this time

    Until I find a solution to my issues, all my other machines will be staying firmly with SP2.

  18. Mark says:

    XP SP3 finally arrived here (Scotland) on my two very different computers through auto-update. Both machines failed to connect to the internet, but fortunately both have restored to ‘before SP3’ ok.
    Which allowed me to search on SP3 internet connection problems and discover the can of worms which is SP3.
    For the moment I will stick with SP2 until my youngest son with PhD in computing comes back from holiday – will ask his opinion.

  19. Frankie says:

    I tried repeatedly to upgrade to SP3 and it kept failing during the install. This is unprecedented, but thank the Lord that it did fail – I got off lightly. If Mr French is correct and one in four XP owners are experiencing problems with this service pack, that’s about, what? half a billion people? SP3 sure is an extraordinary disaster – why isn’t it featuring on the evening news (rather than news of ‘B’ list celebrity antics) – the scale of this mess certainly warrants it.

  20. Jose says:

    I just recently installed XP SP3 on my computer. i got no errors, no issues, no hardware/sound problems. everything is running smooth.

  21. Michael Smith says:

    I have been fixing computers with SP3 for the last few weeks. Its not very often that I get customers to turn off automatic updates(I have actually been ringing my good customers and warning them to turn it off for the moment so I won’t be overrun)……grrr I will have to start my customers on Linux…My CentOS install is stable as and updates don’t break my computer. 25% failure is shocking!!!!

    Very disappointed.

  22. DES says:


  23. Wally says:

    I have attempted to install SP3 on three different occasions in the last couple of weeks, and have been unsuccessful each time. Judging by the information on this site, it seems I have been fortunate to have the Automatic Update properly restore my systemt back to SP2.

    If the 75% success rate cited in a previous comment is accurate, that truly is atrocious. Realizing that there is little corporate enthusiasm in Redmond for continuing to support XP, bringing a lousy SP to market is still no way to treat millions of customers.

    I will wait until the issues associated with SP3 are corrected before trying it again.

  24. JW says:

    You probably want to create an ASR (Automated System Recovery) disk and create a bckup on your hard drive before installing SP3. I tried the safe mode install but even though it (finally) installed, it wouldn’t run. I’m running SP2!

  25. TBerry says:

    I’ve tried 4 times also, same old same old, hangs on ‘finishing’. I give up too, especially after reading all the above comments! It seems that SP3 is about as stable as Vista and that’s really scary!

  26. Phil says:

    I work for an OEM that sells machinery with a Windows XP based control. We updated one of those to SP3, which seemed to install the normal way ok. After getting past various driver updates required, we had issues with our own software. Specifically, a webbrowser control under VB was getting automation errors it never got before.

    After many hours of experimenting with Explorer and Windows settings and trying dll versions to no avail, we used Control Panel to uninstall SP3. Our software resumed working correctly. We then installed 94 critical updates instead, and our software continued to work correctly.

    SP3 is not an option for us at this time. We’ll have to switch to another OS soon enough anyway. Maybe that was the idea . . . . XP had been pretty stable.

  27. Steve says:

    Got SP3 last night. My wife woke me up @ 6:45 am to say the computer was messed up. I went out to find it was in looping reboot mode. Went into safe mode-control panel-clicked on show updates box-removed & rebooted. System all fine now. Wtf???? Are they that desperate to get people to move over to Vista by screwing up XP?

    I then called my mom & guided her through turning off automatic updates. SP3 can sit on their servers as far as i’m concerned. If I only satisfied 75% of my clients, I would be out of business in 1 year.


  28. GordonM says:

    I have finally battled through installing XP SP3 on my wife’s machine.
    If I didn’t have another machine connected to the Internet I would have never
    finished this.

    Problem 1: The dreaded continuous reboot problem. After the first time (which
    System Restore got me out of) I downloaded the whole update (300+ Mbyte), turned off anti-virus etc. Still no good. It turns out that for an AMD machine from
    Compaq I have to download and install a fix from Compaq _before_ I attempt to
    install SP3. It took me about three installs and roll-backs before I found this
    out. Problem partly due to Compaq installing power management software
    (or something like that) for both AMD and Intel chips, and partly due to SP3
    for activating them both.

    Problem 2: Cannot connect to the Internet, and error messages involving missing
    entry points in DLLs. It turns out that SP3 has trodden on the software for
    the D-Link wireless adapter. OK, go to D-Link’s website and download a driver,
    then uninstall and re-install the driver.

    Then I still can’t connect to the Internet. It turns out that a security update
    that must have arrived just after SP3 has caused ZoneAlarm to deny access to the
    Internet. Download a new version of ZoneAlarm and install.

    I would classify myself as moderately experienced, but I’m not a guru, and it
    took me two days to get through this, with lots of help from the Internet, thanks
    to having more than one computer at home. What are people with less experience,
    or only one computer, supposed to do? Arrgh!!!

  29. John Jackson says:

    As an IT manager, I’ve had my shop upgrade quite a few machines to SP3. Things went smoothly until last Friday when we upgraded 6 identical Dell D600 laptops. The software and hardware was exactly the same on every machine, as was the update procedure. Three machines upgraded with no problem. Three machines blue screened afterwards, and it looks like we’ll have to reimage them. We’ve tried every trick in the book and they won’t boot.

    We are going to build a new master image from a machine that upgraded ok, and then just reimage the rest of our laptop inventory. But this is not a solution for most situations. The quality of SP3 is disturbing. Don’t go there without a backup image of your machine.

    John Jackson
    Dir. of Educational Technology
    Univ of Virginia School of Medicine

  30. Cliff says:

    Ditto (moderately experienced, still having no success, wasting a lot of time)

    Numerous attempts, all failing with “Access Denied”. One of the problems is that there are some registry keys on my machine, where SYSTEM has full access, and ADMINISTRATORS have only read access. Since SP3 upgrade runs as an administrator (not as system — don’t ask me why), this leads to problems updating the registry. (There is a “fix” or workaround for this at Microsoft, but it should be automatic, if it is really recommended)

    Now, the interesting thing is that when the installation fails, it attempts a roll-back. But this roll-back fails to restore the system (one symptom: media center stopped working). Upon investigation, it turns out that the installation changed the permission on some registry keys (used by media center), which had “Everyone” with full access before SP3, to more restricted access. The irony is that these keys could not be restored during the roll-back, because of the access restrictions just created by the SP3 installation attempt. So, SP3 leaves the registry in a state which is not compatible with the SP3 installation requirements.

    Anyway, luckily, I got system restore (to an earlier time) to work, and managed to get the system, registry, and media center back to working. I really don’t think that SP3 is ready for wide distribution. Not going to try it again soon.

  31. mn9ajas says:

    I’ve finally managed how to work out and go back to a restore point after my computer automatically installed SP3. It completely stopped my broadband connection from working, despite my computer saying it was connected!!!

    One question though. Is it a bad thing if I turn off the windows automatic download and install feature? i.e. are there updates that I actually need or do they just mess up your computer!!!

  32. RoPe says:

    After installing SP3 on 2 Dell Optiplex GX270s, 1 Dimension (PIII), an old compaq (PIII), an HP (AMD64), and a Toshiba laptop (P4), all without a single problem, I finally tried to install SP3 on a Optiplex 280 on which I do most of my work. O boy, do I regret doing that. The problem started while “backing up the registry” I kept getting errors about being unable to backup registry keys. So the install failed, and eventhough it claimed to restore the “before” situation. I completely lost my network connectivity. So I downloaded the entire SP3 (300+ Mb) via one of my other machines, put it on the Optiplex 280, tried to install SP3 from safe mode. Same problems. Used registrycleaners and even CCleaner to fix my registry and then gave it another try, same result. I am quite dissapointed to say the least. I’ll end up having to reinstall an image with SP2 and all the software I need for my work. Thank you Microsoft. NOT! Linux is looking better and better everytime I look at it

  33. Henry San Diego says:

    I just installed windows because my hard drive crashed because i moved my computer 5 feet and just like wiping a computer with windex it was the curse of death. 5 years of my life went down the tubes with all my photos of family and friends. So I reinstalled windows and it offered this thing called SP3 in the updates so I accepted it and it instaled okay, but the critical updates would not install, at least 2 of them and I cant insteall msn msger live. It simply stalls when trying to install the sign in assistant. So I am totally screwed because I am constantly dunned to install things it cant install like updates and it refuses to install msn live which is my life line to my girlfriend away for 6 weeks in europe.

    I want to vomit I am so sick over this. All i wanted was to clean up the bed room a little bit and repossition my personal compter 5 feet. And now this. I am sitting with a computer that caused me to lose all my precious belongings of memories and family photos and photos of my pets. I cannot tell people how much I despise Bill Gates and his greedy company. There is no excuse for making software so quirky and touchy. It dont give you a recovery path if you mess up one simple file on a disk. It wont allow you to update things without gazillion reboots.

    for 2008 Windows is junk junk junk junk why we pay this guy and company a friggin penny is beyond me. We should of gone open source so long ago because he is not trustworthy. Gates is just like George Bush. he has a profiteering agenda and could care less about little people who use computers.

    Anyone know how to get those critical updates installed or scratched off the list or uninstall enough of the things so I can start over without killing about 20 hours of updating and installing necessary programs or lossing the few bits of things I managed to get done?

    God, what would be so friggin hard to have one robust core system component to windows that was pretty uncrashable and force pc hardware manufacturers to build stuff around this core. A non rebooting always working super stable portion of the operating system. Why cant that be done?

  34. Jean Shelaque says:

    To: Henry San Diego

    Dear Henry…I am sorry to hear about your problems, however, you have far bigger ones than the ones you mentioned. You have stress management issues.

    At anyrate, no matter what OS you have, you should always have all or 2 of the following 3 things.

    1- System Restore or Goback
    2- A backup image(Ghost) or a backup copy of your hard drive
    3- Another one mentioned in #2 but offsite incase there is a fire or your computer is stolen

    If you had done 2 of the above requirments, you couldn’t blame Bill Gates or George Bush for YOUR problems.

    Come to think of it, the only person you should ever blame for YOUR problems is YOURSELF.

    And yes, I do know how to fix your problem. Um…see 1 through 3 above.

    Hope you get over it and hope you learn some stress management. It will help you live longer.

  35. Donald Fite says:

    To uninstall SP3 after 5 failed attempts to install, then using system restore to remove, I found the best easiest and most through way was to boot into Safe Mode, then go to add/remove programs from the control panel, then uninstall the SP3. MS should stop bundling fixes in service packs, and should have each issue as a separate update – or provide a way to reinstall an OS without destroying information!

  36. Amit says:

    Who knows if ctfmon *really is* a keylogger? Can you trust ol’ Bill?

  37. Bobbonkers says:

    I found this page cos I was trying to get my wireless connection to work again after the now infamous sp3. gonna reinstall windows and turn off automatic updates for good

  38. Judy Hart says:

    This goes out to Henry in San Diego. First, Henry, ignore all that Jean Shelaque wrote to you in her/his comments; and to you Jean Shelaque –> if you’re not going to help, keep your mouth closed and your fingers off the keyboard, please.

    Okay Henry, lets get started. First, you have not lost 20 years of data, you’ve just lost access to it. You can go out to the “Ultimate Boot CD for Windows” website and follow the directions given there (this is all FREE, so don’t panic) so that you may recover your all your data. They also have a forum where you can ask for help in using their free tools. I don’t know if this review site will let me list a website address, but its at www-ubcd4win-com [replace the hyphens with a period] (again, that’s .ubcd4win. preceeded by www and ending in com). I am in no way affiliated with this fine group, but their free product recently saved my butt big time, I can tell you that.

    As you go through this process, keep in mind your priorities, and recover your data first!
    You may find it helpful to write out a plan that outlines the steps you need to take, and in what order. If ubcd4win is too cmplicated for you [to make their CD yourself], either just order it pre-made from them, ask them if they have a quick fix to recover your data, or go to your local software store and buy a similar product to recover your data –> then after your data is recovered just reformat your hard drive and re-install windows. Then when you go to Windows Update site again, just NEVER accept any SP3 download — Only download service pack 2 (SP2) updates. You can set Windows Automatic Update (in Contral Panel) to “Notify” only, that way you can choose what does and what doesn’t get applied to your system. Then when Update does notify you there are updates, and you go to the update website, just press/select the ‘Custom’ button (rather than their recommended ‘Express’) and check-mark only XP SP2 updates to download. Also you can go out to Windows Automatic Update site, navigate to the SP3 update and check-mark the box under it which says to NEVER notify me of this update again.

    And as for your feelings about Gates, I’m with you. As an IT professional for 25+ years I can tell you he wouldn’t last a day with real programmers. If a business programmer knew the software they’d created had even one bug, and released it into production anyway, then that programmer would be looking for another job… immediately. Now that’s the real world of programming, not this crappy, buggy, graphical interface product called windows which Gates has bewitched the marketplace into accepting.

    Oh, and one last note to Jean Shelaque and anyone struggling to follow her/his so-called ‘advice’: “Steps 1 thru 3” are not working on brand new, freshly imaged machines, so it’s highly unlikely they will work on the currently-being-used PCs of the users that have made it to this forum.

    Well, good luck to all, and thumbs down to Gates on this one. Oh that reminds me: Bush deserves every email bashing he gets; after all you really are only as good as your word…

    • Theresa says:

      Judy, you are truly awesome! Thank you for stepping up to the plate and being a bigger person than that other self serving buttooskie hole guy who took pleasure in kicking a man when he was already down. Kudos to you lady!!!

  39. Randy Prince says:

    Here’s a new wrinkle I’d like to see some feedback on.

    I ordered the Windows XP SP3 CD and before going into the installation process, I clicked on the link that says, “What you should know before installing SP3.” Everything in that link refers to Windows XP SP2. (That’s Service Pack Two) There’s no mention of SP3.

    Bear in mind that the label of the CD clearly states this is a Windows XP SP3 Update.

    After reading all the above comments, I’m surely not going to install SP3 anyway but I’m wondering if anyone else has clicked on that link on the CD for Windows XP SP3 and found it to refer to SP2?

  40. David Ward says:

    After through lengthy installs only to get an error message and then go through lengthy uninstalls, I used the Microsoft work around mentioned that changes access rights to registry keys. Is that secure? Service pack 3 then installed leaving some problems: 1) No task bar — it came back after I right clicked at the bottom and clicked an item, but it still doesn’t show running applications and has other oddities; 2) Firefox showed no connection (with no time delay for attempt to find page) even though the app for my wireless connection showed a signal — this was resolved I don’t know how, but it works now; 3) No sound — I will try reinstalling drivers — I came here looking for a solution to this; 4) Panda Antivirus warns me “We advise you to restart your PC to resolve incidents in the automatic antivirus protection….” — I have restarted with no effect on this, I will reload the program. So far these problems seem correctable, even if annoying. I am glad I don’t have the problems some of you have.

  41. David Ward says:

    Edit: After lengthy installs…and then going through…

    I am sorry for not editing before posting.

  42. David Ward says:

    Also copy and paste isn’t working.

  43. bugzy says:

    I downloaded service pack 3 from windows catalouge and it installed fine but some programs stopped working like flash player, corel draw 12 (still not working), and my TP LINK wireless adaper.
    i had to reinstall them to get them working apart from coreldraw 12 which still dosent work.

    Im going to try again (before installing any 3rd party software) as i reinstalled sp2, i think its neccessary to install the update as i dont get many security updates on sp2 (10 or so).

    ive tried everything to get more updates and prevent installing sp3, but gates is crippling updates to fresh installs of sp2 to force u to sp3.

    let me know of any updates to my situation PLEASE: [email protected]

  44. Mikkel says:

    I have just reinstalled xp and runned windows update, including SP3. No hardware or software problems so far – BUT, windows cant install newest updates it has found.

    Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3)
    Security update for Windows XP med Windows Media Format Runtime 9.5 og 11 (KB941569)
    Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Junk Email Filter (KB953465)
    Update for Office 2003 (KB907417)
    Security update for Internet Explorer 7 til Windows XP (KB950759)

    The yellow update shield constantly tells me i have to install, and when i do. It tells me it couldnt install. I have never experienced this before.

    Have any of you guys met this problem??

    Thanks in advance

  45. Josh says:

    The more I see problems like this, the more I want to go with Mac.


  46. Melissa says:

    I recently reformatted my computer and put a fresh XP copy on it. Everything was fine til I started installing SP3. It took allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll night to do, for 1. For 2. this update and a few others will not install – Security update for Windows XP med Windows Media Format Runtime 9.5 og 11 (KB941569). It’s a high priority update so I’m highly irked about it. I seriously don’t wanna redo everything all over again, but it’s looking that way.

  47. Matt says:

    Installed SP3 and restarted my computer. Windows will not boot. Finally got it to boot in safe mode. Tried to do a system restore, no dice. Not sure what to do next, it is 2am so I will be going to bed now (insert angry obscene word).

  48. Marina says:

    Donald can you please tell me where did you find that patch that fixes a problem with sound…f* SP 3..i think the best solution for everyone who has a huge number of problems with this upgrade is to return to SP 2 …

  49. Chris says:

    I’ve just installed SP3 on my machine at work, and we’ve lost every single email from Outlook Express! Is there anyway I an fix this?

  50. sirfes says:

    Thank U for this great tip! Rebooting and installing in safe mode worked like a charm on my Dell laptop, Media Center Edition, and Kaspersky Antivirus.

    Before that, SP3 installation seemed to last forever and it kept me trying and uninstalling over and over.

    Maybe I should have tried disabling KAV and other 3rd party software first, but didn’t want to.

    There are no further issues by now.

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