DivShare : File Hosting was never this better!

DivShare LogoDivShare, the file hosting service with which many of us have fallen in love with. The reason is simple : Service, features & great support. DivShare, which I covered last month has constantly grown and added many new features in it. Now, they’ve added so many features that I couldn’t resist myself from blogging about them and here I present all (at least the major ones) the features and activities they’ve done after I covered them for the first time…
1. Pro Accounts : This being the latest offer from them, that now they’ve started to offer paid accounts. Now, lets look at the some of the features of the free account and then lets look at the paid account option :

Features of Free account :

* Unlimited uploads.
* Files stay forever.
* 200 Mb file size limit.
* Unlimited downloads.

Features of Paid account :

* FTP account.
* 2 GB file size limit.
* All the features of free account.

They have got a flexible plan option too, where they charge $ 0.99/File, if you just have one or two files two upload and keep the backup of those files. However, I just wonder that who’ll ever need the space of this much big file. Apart from that they’ve got a monthly plan too in which they charge $ 9.99/Month and you get the complete package. Imagine, that how much you can save on their servers for such a less price. Other services are no where near to what they have to offer in the paid options.

2. Better User Panel : Divshare has got a better user panel from the last time. It allows you to group files in folders and displays the files in the control panel and lets you do lots of actions, like Share the files, with a group or rename it, or maybe make it private or public. One can easily share the files with others through the codes they’ve provided for various networks and submit the files to Digg or Facebook too.

3. Power Uploader : This was one of the feature, which will be cherished by everyone. With the help of power uploader, now it is quite easy to upload multiple files or even folders too. One just has to drag and drop the files and it will upload the file easily.

4. Upload Videos and watch them : Divshare is not only giving competition to file hosting services but has started giving competition to video hosting services too. The plus points of this service are :

* Lets you download the original video file for future use and they allow you to use the Flash file too.
* The videos are encoded at high quality and displayed at a width of 560 Pixels.
* Lets you upload videos of up to 200 MB and again, if the video is really big then you can always make use of the paid options too.

Well, all these updates and in fact there were some more, but as I said that the major changes will be listed here and believe me that the speed at which they are releasing new features and give you great options is just unbelievable. Sometimes, I wonder that are the other companies who’ve got that Beta on their logo are doing anything or not ? I think they must learn from these guys and should release updates frequently and they’ll be loved by users too.

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5 Responses to DivShare : File Hosting was never this better!

  1. BTW, did you miss to mention about it image gallery feature?

  2. reviewsaurus says:

    Well, thanks for pointing out that one :)

  3. Alex says:

    Hi, try this service http://www.momupload.com for file hosting
    i’ve been using it for a long time and i can say, that it’s best one i have ever used before.
    Hope this helps. :)

  4. reviewsaurus says:

    @ Alex : THanks for pointing out the service. It looks good :)

  5. DivShare says:

    Thanks for the review. We continue to add new features and functionality to the site. Again thanks for your support

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