Gmail shows Related pages in the sidebar!

related-pagesToday while accessing my emails, I noticed a new section in the sidebar of Gmail and the new section was Related Pages. It may be an old feature and I’m really not sure that this is the first I’m seeing this.

However, today after looking at this I was wondering that what is the criteria of getting included in the list of Related Pages. Is Google showing the related pages from selected websites only ? Is it showing from the top search results of few keywords in that email ?

Well, whatever the case be I loved this feature a lot as not only this shows that Google is interested in providing as much as information a user wants.


It’ll be cool if Google tells the publishers about it or at least clarifies about that how are they selecting the sources of the related pages section of the Gmail sidebar.

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4 Responses to Gmail shows Related pages in the sidebar!

  1. Sumesh says:

    Is this related posts plugin for Gmail or something – lol…

    But there’s one thing to lose – Gmail will be loosing some ad revenue because this would add more clickable regions to the Gmail window. But we won’t be hurt by it, and Google won’t really feel the pinch – I wonder what 0.xx% of ad revenue is from Gmail.

  2. Rakshit says:

    Whatever it is, a real related post feature or an adsense (as Kanak said), I didn’t see in my own gmail account.

  3. Nirmal says:

    I feel this is ads from Google related to content.

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