Google docs finally goes offline – Zoho mail I’m waiting for you!

gdocs-logo.jpg No one can be called a winner as far as the online office space is concerned. There are various players and the market share is fluctuating too. Google docs has more market share as compared to other services, however it’s not the best of the lot. Things have started to roll in Google Docs and we are seeing lot of changes and that too pretty quickly, however when we compare them from Zoho, they lack a lot as Zoho had already provided all those features way back.

For e.g. Google docs finally syncs with the help of Google gears and now lets you edit the documents even when you are offline. A feature which has been available in Zoho from very long time. It’s always good to see the competition and I’m glad that finally Google woke up and started to work on it’s existing applications and started making them better.

Apart from that a request for Zoho from my side, it’s been a couple of months and I’m desperately waiting for hosted Zoho mail service and want to see some good competition for Google from your side in this department too.

If I were to guess and request something then I would ask these services to start working on Adobe Air applications too. What do you think about the idea ?

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  1. Vamsee says:

    Probably because doing hosted mail service is not an easy thing to do. Rest of the Zoho office is pure javascript, databases and related technology. Mail, is a different game altogether. Zoho needs to have world-class infrastructure, and great sysadmins to design this setup and run it for them. And if you add all the problems with spam, you’re not looking at a simple problem. If Zoho can pull it off though, it will be just great.

  2. Thanks for asking. We will provide you an account within the next 2 weeks. We are getting closer.

    I have explained elsewhere what took us so long: we had originally written Zoho VO/Mail as a downloaded product (our software product company legacy!). The architectural assumptions you make on a software product are quite different from those in a web service – it is not merely slapping on a Web GUI. We had to essentially rebuild the server components to make it fit the web service goal. We are over that big hump.

  3. Nirmal says:

    Hosted Zoho mail, cool, I would be the first person to try it. :D

  4. Hi
    We are planning to experiment with your idea. I am starting off with Zoho Planner, rebuilt using Zoho API and Adobe Air.

    — Khurram

  5. jordan says:

    WHAT ABOUt adobe air???

  6. Corona says:

    Good news!

    Zoho Mail is now available and its very promising!

  7. kenny says:

    i think using the original ms office is better, more features and better UI. i using hibernater ( to easily save and resume my work.

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