How to save MP3 File, which you can’t do without QuickTime Pro!

Apple thinks that either they are too smart or they think that people using the computer are too stupid and that’s the reason why they don’t allow you to save the source file from the web if you are not using Quick Time Pro.


They want you to buy the PRO version when you can simply go to File -> Save page as and store the file. Else you can simply right click on the link and click on Save link as , to save the Mp3 or video file and that too without the need of Quick Time Pro.

Well, the above mentioned tricks are possible when the direct link of the source file is included on the web page, however there are situations where the direct link is not included then also it’s not difficult to get to the source file.

Let’s say that an Mp3 file is embedded in a web page and you want to download it, you just need to follow these simple steps :

1. Right click on webpage and select View Source.
2. Press F3 or go to Edit ->Find
3. Type MP3 and click on Find.

This way, you’ll get the link of the file which has been embedded in the webpage and you can use that link to download the file.

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65 Responses to How to save MP3 File, which you can’t do without QuickTime Pro!

  1. veryresourceful says:

    I had important client file to download and couldn't, I googled, got link to this page and presto, thanks! That was easy and then it took ages to upload to my assistants and for them to download it.

    The mp3 file was 202 MB, I simply converted it using the audio switch converter free trial (I purchased), and converted it to wav. which was 186 MB, and then I tried wma format and that was even less, only 136 MB – all of the same file!

    Cool, and by the way to all who whinged, there is nothing wrong with Apple wanting to sell their products, good on them; if there is another way then good on us!

    thanks for your quick and easy solution!

  2. Zigzagstory says:

    Thanks!!!! I can save my PODCASTS!!!!!!

  3. Chris says:

    Haha, I guess I'm one of those stupid people who can't figure out. Thanks for the tip!

  4. JILLYGIRL says:

    I am a MAC user.
    I wanted to download an MP3 audio clip that was on a webpage with the address ending in ".mp3" (not ".html")
    I used FIREFOX and chose "Save Page As…"
    This downloaded the MP3 file onto my computer.
    I was able to add it to ITunes.
    It was easy, Thanks!!!

  5. ennie says:

    VERY helpful!! THANK YOU

  6. mike says:

    thank you thank you !!!!! sooo much…

  7. Ari says:

    fantastic help. simply put and straight to the point. thank you so much!!

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