How to save MP3 File, which you can’t do without QuickTime Pro!

Apple thinks that either they are too smart or they think that people using the computer are too stupid and that’s the reason why they don’t allow you to save the source file from the web if you are not using Quick Time Pro.


They want you to buy the PRO version when you can simply go to File -> Save page as and store the file. Else you can simply right click on the link and click on Save link as , to save the Mp3 or video file and that too without the need of Quick Time Pro.

Well, the above mentioned tricks are possible when the direct link of the source file is included on the web page, however there are situations where the direct link is not included then also it’s not difficult to get to the source file.

Let’s say that an Mp3 file is embedded in a web page and you want to download it, you just need to follow these simple steps :

1. Right click on webpage and select View Source.
2. Press F3 or go to Edit ->Find
3. Type MP3 and click on Find.

This way, you’ll get the link of the file which has been embedded in the webpage and you can use that link to download the file.

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65 Responses to How to save MP3 File, which you can’t do without QuickTime Pro!

  1. 100rabh says:

    Didn’t I say, Apple sucks as a company

  2. Hana says:

    Really helpful, cheers!

  3. cazz says:

    thanks for that!

  4. ghazali says:

    hi all, well i was trying to follow the instructions on how to save an mp3 file when the “right click save as” option doesn’t work.
    on viewing the source code of this website(—Sanctuary), i couldn’t locate the link which points to the mp3 file im interested in.
    please HELP!!!

    thanks in advance..and you guys are great..!!

  5. Mark says:

    There’s a reason you can’t find it…

    The page uses javascript ‘makeFlashMP3Player’ in
    to load a Flash player
    and assign to it a file to play, according to the item code

    I think the music file is located at
    but you need a user id to get in there if accessing from outside (the swf accesses it locally).

  6. quintron says:

    didnt work with leopord

  7. quintron says:

    hahahah firefox does the trick

  8. Frank says:

    Paste the link of the MP3 file into Firefox address bar (at the top). Holding the ALT button, press the little green arrow, maybe Enter works too. Windows pups out for Save Target As…
    You’re done…and Done!

  9. David says:

    what if there is no view source option?
    such as:….

  10. david says:

    nevermind. you can just click file > save page as

  11. Ghazali says:

    Hi all! well i finally succeeded in downloading the file from!!! but guess what? i never used anything apart from Internet download manager! and it even saved it as an Mp3 file…. Hooray for IDM!!!! Cheers!!!!

  12. Ladd's Girl says:

    Thanks so much for this!

  13. Dustin says:

    you can just click file > save page as

  14. lina says:

    this ddidnt work at all.
    is it because i have a mac?
    iddddk but its not working:(

  15. Distressed says:

    View source is not an option. I guess my school did something so it doesn't show up as an option within their intranet site (I'm trying to dl a class lecture) Thus rt clicking or by going to the menu bar doesnt work for me. Any suggestions?

  16. Igor says:

    Can anyone help me to download the mp3 in
    My cell phone was stolen and it was its ringtone. It seems that now it is more difficult
    to download than 3 years ago.
    Thank you very much!

  17. Rajen says:

    I had the same problem, but resolved using the Free Download Manager too. Try using the Free Download Manager (or) other download manager tool to download MP3 files direct. Otherwise we need to disable the browser plugin settings so that it would not open player.

    Rajen, Singapore.

  18. m2ts says:

    Many thanks! It worked for me.

  19. nico says:

    thank you soooo much…I was getting all worked up trying to save songs for my students here in Beijing for hours. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Drew says:

    Bro, Thank-you!

  21. Paige says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!! Thankyou so much!

  22. kk00 says:

    thank you very much.

  23. Jov says:

    Sweet information dude. I can save my mp3 downloads so fast now everytime I run into a web-page with QuickTime Pro crap on it. Apple sucks and is just trying to make a buck off the average consumer these days. Hey Apple, average doesn't mean I'm stupid! Go Sansa !!!

  24. MAK009x says:

    aah! thanks man!!! this thing was getting on my nerves…

  25. Angie says:

    Thanks for saving me $29.99….Such a tricky little thing they got going on there with that Quicktime player huh!
    Very useful, thanks again!

  26. Rob says:

    Works a treat – cheers !

  27. mirko says:

    press File>Save Page As and that is it :)

  28. mohd.gulshan says:

    any mp3 i want to download it's not saved in my system its open directly in media window player without saving file….please helpme

  29. Angela says:

    Microsoft ROCKS!!! I feel so bad when people say bad things about microsoft! Apple looks like a toy, and Microsoft is the best!

  30. Hank says:

    Thanks bro!!!

  31. Nonya says:

    awesome! thanks!!!

  32. Nice Archive says:

    Thats nice, thanks

  33. NohraJ says:

    Great!!! And funny too :) Gracias

  34. karlos says:

    oh man,thanks
    thx thx thx thx:)

  35. Tam35 says:

    Thank you. Really helpful. I was just looking for that…

  36. fellow says:

    worked for me lol thanks a lot man

  37. paglar dol says:


  38. Sarah says:

    Hey The save page as thing never comes up when I click file
    is it different when it's a midi file not a mp3?

  39. mike says:

    To save a quicktime file just go to tools then page info click on media then save as, this will save the file to documents.

  40. jessica says:

    thank you u so simply smart

  41. jessica says:

    thank u

  42. Enea says:

    Thank you so, so much!! :D

  43. Barb says:

    Thank you!!!!

  44. vijay says:

    hey, thanks for the advice on dowloading embedded mp3 files.

  45. G-man says:

    thx 4 da tip, man, i spent 1 hour finding the way to save mp3 from address

  46. Marie says:

    Merci beaucoup, so simply…Marie

  47. Danny says:

    THANKS !

  48. LaNae says:

    Im so lost im trying to save a song onto Itunes and it wont let me i tried decoding it and hit find and it said no match found to the MP3 thing
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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