Is Adobe going to rule the Rich Internet Applications world?

I’m sure few of you already know that I’ve recently shifted to Mumbai to learn Adobe technologies from TeknoPoint Multimedia. I’m currently pursuing RIA Developer Course and soon you’ll see develop applications that’ll make life simpler for bloggers in many ways. So far I’m very much enjoying what I’m learning and while I’m learning it, I’m realizing that developing softwares using Adobe Flash/Flex/ActionScript 3.0 and whatever you see in that RIA Developer course structure isn’t that difficult. And that made me think that if development of software will become this easy, then soon we’ll see whole load of applications in coming years.

Before I go further, lets understand that what exactly Rich Internet Applications means and why I think that it’s going to be the future of computing (via WikiPedia)-

Rich Internet applications (RIAs) are web applications that have most of the characteristics of desktop applications, typically delivered by way of standards based web browser plug-ins or independently via sandboxes or virtual machines. RIAs can be developed through the following frameworks – Curl, Adobe Flash/Adobe Flex/AIR, Java/JavaFX, uniPaaS and Microsoft Silverlight.

There was a time when computer industry required desktop software and around 1996, it was hit by the term “Internet”. The world continued as normal and then “Internet” was hit by what we all got bored of “Web 2.0”. With the advancement of technologies and the requirement of people, its becoming clearer that people now just don’t want to work on software, they want to collaborate, share and want their work ported on various devices and for that Internet is one medium through which it’s possible. So here comes the need of Rich Internet Applications – these are those applications that’ll be available on your computer, web & mobile phones – not only that, they’ll all be synced to ensure that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to perform all the tasks.

Coming back to the topic of will Adobe technologies rule the world of RIAs or not? Well, I’m too new in the field of development to make an expert comment on it. However, as I said that it seems pretty easy to develop the applications in Adobe technologies, so I’m assuming that Adobe will surely capture a big market ahead. There are already tons and thousands of Adobe AIR applications on the internet and I don’t see much development going around Mozilla Prism or any popular application built on SilverLight – I’m assuming that Adobe technologies will surely enjoy a bigger developer base supporting them. None the less, I’ve to say that with the launch of SilverLight 3, it seems that MicroSoft is ready to give good competition to Adobe Technologies. What are your thoughts on this debatable topic?

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  1. Shandra says:

    I too cannot make an expert opinion, but I would agree with you that Adobe technologies will most likely rule the world of RIAs

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