When postal mail meets Internet! Shiny Letter helps you!

shiny-lettersIn the last post we had a look at Earth Class Mail, which bridges the gap between your postal mail & internet by allowing you to see your posts on the internet as email.

Now, lets look at Shiny Letter which bridges the gap by helping you send the letters across the world. Shiny Letter is opposite of Earth Class Mail, it lets you email the letter to them and they prints and posts the letter for you to the desired location.

The charges are simple and for a letter of up to 4 pages, they charge $ 2 and delivers the letter. Again the same question arises that why will you prefer them over any local postal service ?

Well, lets look at the scenarios where it can be really useful :

1. No internet connection for the recipient : The world is getting online but not whole world uses Internet. So, if the person you are trying to send the letter doesn’t have internet or doesn’t know how to use it (your grand parents, parents) then the only option is to send them the letter through post.

But this doesn’t answer my question, I can send it myself! Hang on! here’s the answer..

2. If you are across country : Well, if you are not in the country and want to send a letter to them then this can be really helpful. Normal posts take lot of time when you are trying to send the letter to international destination. And on top of it, if you are trying to send the letter from India, you really can’t be sure if that’ll reach the destination or not! (thanks to the reliability of Indian postal service).

Shiny Letter has it’s bases in various countries and so, if you are an Non-resident Indian and want to send letter to your loved ones in India, then you can simply use this service and they’ll deliver the message for you and that too it won’t take weeks to reach and will be done with in few days.

Well, so these are some of the reasons where you can make use of this service. And yeah for lazy ass like it’s certainly a gift! Who the hell wants to go, pick a letter, buy stamp and then put it in post, I’ll rather use this service!

But hang on! Here are some of the points which are un-answered and I think Earth Class Mail did a fine job in answering these questions for their service and I guess Shiny Letter should take inspiration from them and should answer these questions :

1. Is my private email read ? Well, I’m sure someone is packaging letter for you so the possibility is there that someone can read your letter.

2. How secure is the environment, where all this process takes ?(I’m not talking about secure connection (SSL) over here, i’m talking about physical security, any surveillance camera’s around?)

I really think that it will be great, if Shiny Letter can create videos like Earth Class Mail and display how the whole thing works and I’m sure it will give much more satisfaction the users.

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