Top 10 iPhone Word Games

If you like word puzzles and word games, these are the ten iPhone apps you must have for hours of word-guessing, letter-twisting fun.

1. Words with Friends

If you are not already playing Words with Friends, get the free version now, click on “random opponent” and give it a try. The game play is similar to Scrabble, but the tile distribution and layout of the bonus spaces on the board make it much easier. You play against another live player, taking your turn, and then waiting for your opponent to respond. Games can take days, but addicts of the game ease their waiting time by playing multiple games at once. The game comes in two flavors, a free one (ad supported) and a paid for one.

2. Scrabble

1scrabble-main_full If you cannot stand waiting for your next turn on Words with Friends, you can play against the machine with the app of the original classic. You can set the game to play against you at three difficulty levels. Beware, however, that there is no free version of this app.

3. IAssociate

A uniquely handcrafted word game, iAssociate has several free sample boards under the title “Associate This.” The full game, however, comes with several boards, which you unlock with your progress and scoring on the previous boards. Each board has a theme and starts with one word. From that word, you guess related (or “associated”) words and phrases, which then branch out in all directions, creating a web all over the screen. Zooming in and out is easy, but typos are not corrected or overlooked. If you have trouble typing on the iPhone, this game can be frustrating.

4. Crossword Light

This free crossword puzzle app comes with 40 puzzles. You can upgrade in the app when you run out, but the free version will keep you puzzling for a while. The controls to zoom in and toggle between across and down are smooth and instinctive. You can view the clues in a list or one at a time at the bottom of the screen. The puzzles are all of moderate difficulty. For an average puzzler, they will all be easy to start, but challenging to finish, making this app just the right level to be fun, but not too easy. For a bigger challenge, try NYTimes Crosswords, which is a free app including about 30 older New York Times puzzles. After that, however, the New York Times app requires a subscription to play more.

5. Moxie/M2

Moxie is a tricky word and strategy game that really is different from anything else. Working with up to three words at a time, you must place letters as they come from the deck. With each placement, you want to build words and then change words by replacing one letter at a time. For example, if you have already made the word “fox,” you can place a “b” to create “box.” You score points for each new word you spell. If you place a letter that destroys a word, though, you lose points. M2, the newer version of Moxie includes a daily challenge mode, which begins with letters already placed instead of three blank lines.

6. Word Warp

Word_Warp This anagram game has the most basic controls. Given six jumbled letters, you tap on the letters to create words. Like many similar games, the goal is to guess all the three- to six-letter words that can be formed from the six letters you are given. You must guess the six-letter word to move on to the next level and keep increasing your score. To help your Scrabble score by practicing seven-letter words, try another anagram game called Jumbline.

7. Word Freak

In this game, the goal is to guess a five-letter word. Given the first letter, you take a guess. Reminiscent of the classic game Mastermind, the game then tells you how many of your letters were correct and how many of those were in the correct place. You continue to guess, using logic and word knowledge, until you guess the correct word.

8. Book Worm

This app is the same as the popular online game. On a board of scrambled letters, you connect a chain that forms a word and enter it. Those letters vanish and the columns fall down, with new letters filling in from the top. Burning letters must be used before they reach the bottom and bonus letters can be used for extra points. The game is easy to begin with, but can become very challenging if you use too many easy letters, leaving yourself with a pileup of less common letters later.

9. Word Search

There are many word search games, but the thematic entries here make the game fun. The controls are simple, allowing you to drag a line over the word when you find it, or tap on the first and then the last letters of the word. A very basic game, this is great for lovers of word search puzzles.

10. Hangman Classic

Simple and quick to play, this game is exactly what it claims to be. Because it has a good word list, the game offers a fun level of challenge. Try Hangman Classic Free to try it our first with a smaller word list.

Whatever your word-puzzling preference, try these ten games to keep your brain and fingers busy.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I am a retired learning disabilities teacher and I've developed word games that help children who have difficulty just "getting off the ground" in learning to read. I would like to partner with an app developer concerning developing some cool apps based on the same ideas.

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