Top-10 Most Useful Apps for iPhone 4

The app market for iPhone is overflowing with hundreds of thousands of options for you to try and make your way through. Fortunately, many of the best and most helpful don’t cost you a penny. Here are 10 must-haves listed for your convenience.

10. EverNote

evernote Whether you’re busy or forgetful or just enjoy being organized, you can’t go wrong with EverNote: an electronic notebook that works its magic through your PC and your phone. Here you can write things down, save photos, leave voice recordings, and find the information when you need it, all stored in an easily accessible manner. [photo credit – turbomilk]

9. Trapster

Links with Google Maps and uses the GPS in your phone to inform you whenever a speed camera’s looming. And what’s more, because it’s all user-generated information, it’s updated frequently, and as a result will be more reliable than your satnav.

8. Pandora Radio

Select your favorite artist or your favorite song, then create your own radio station that plays the music you like and other, similar songs. It’s your own personal radio in the palm of your hand, but without the music you don’t like.

7. Red Laser

Hold your phone over a bar-code and let it work its magic. It will recognize the object, and offer you a price comparison so that you can shop with the confidence that you’ll never miss out on the best deals. And you’ll feel a bit like James Bond while you’re at it.

6. Shazam

shazam Ever hear something playing on the radio and wonder what on earth it was? Download Shazam, hold your phone in the direction of the music, and in no time at all it will tell you the artist and the song name, and even log all your “tags” for you so you can come back to them later. [Photo Credit – NokNok]

5. Dropbox

One of the better free apps for transferring files between your phone and your computer. Simply move something into a folder on your computer, and you can access it and download it on your iPhone with minimal hassle.

4. AroundMe

If you’ve ever been out and about in a strange country or city with no idea where the nearest gas station is, you will understand how life-saving it can be to be pointed in the right direction. AroundMe allows you to find out information about your surroundings, pointing you towards the nearest bank, bar, hospital, or whatever it is you need.

3. Google Earth

While it is great to hold the world in the palm of your hand, the real brilliance of having Google Earth on you phone is to be able to open it up and see precisely where you are in an instant. Whether you use it as a personal satnav to find your way around or to discover where you are when you fall asleep and miss your stop, this app is a lifesaver. Add to that it’s ties with Wikipedia, and it can will turn your phone into a well of knowledge.

2. The Weather Channel

Simple and easy to use, with The Weather Channel you can view the current forecast for anywhere you can think of, but on top of that it also reveals 36-hour and 10-day results with no fuss – and it’s free. A very handy app for all occasions – let your phone save you from unexpected showers.

1. Documents to Go

If you work on the move, you need this app. It allows you to view and edit Office documents on your phone, so you can make last-minute changes, proof-read proposals, and open email attachments no matter where you are.

Written by James Love, James is a technology expert that has recently written about the Facebook chat messenger Chit Chat for Facebook. Chit Chat is a Facebook add on that enables users to send instant messages from their desktop.

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