Videojug LogoEver wanted to know that how you can do a specific task but didn?t know how to do it ? I?m sure that most of us must experience this almost everyday and wished that if some one who?s an expert in that field could have explained a bit about it or showed us how we can perform a task.

Well, VideoJug is one such video sharing service which holds the factual content in the form of Videos. There logo says Life Explained. On Film and the content of VideoJug justifies this line. You?ll find various videos on all sorts of topics (medical, life, technology, beauty, lifestyle, money, etc.) and each and every video tells you how you can perform a particular task.

What?s impressive about VideoJug :

1. Professionally produced videos : Most of the videos (almost 95 %) are produced by VideoJug?s in-house production teams and they?ve made sure that the message is delieverd in short time period (most of the videos are under 10 min.) and after looking at the videos you?ll agree to me that there is lot of quality content in VideoJug with good humor too.

2. Great site navigation : Another aspect which impressed me a lot was the way the site has been designed. It makes the site navigation quite easy and in turn helps us in reaching the correct video. This is really important because user interface is directly related to the usability and if the interface isn?t very good then what?s the use of good content ? And VideoJug has done excellent job in this section.

3. Ability to download the video for later reference : This has to be the best feature of VideoJug as it allows you to download the videos for later reference in multiple formats. It supports iPod, PSP and 3GP format (for mobile phones, Real Player format).

4. Printable instructions : If you are one of those who prefer reading over watching clips then you can also print the instructions of a particular task. I really don?t see any point in this one (I prefer watching clips) but still from the usability point of view it can be helpful for some.

All in all, you can call VideoJug as a Question/Answer service like Yahoo Answers or Live QnA but with Video as the main source of communication. Another thing is that because the videos are monitored and approved by the VideoJug moderators, so you can trust the quality of the video too.

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While you check the service, try to learn how to juggle three balls!

VideoJug: How To Juggle 3 Balls

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10 Responses to VideoJug

  1. Vaibhav says:

    Seems Interesting,but not of much use, Just good for fun.

  2. ReviewSaurus says:

    I think you need to go through the videos once again. Go on video jug and check the videos of your interest (most likely Technology videos) and you’ll find that they’ll be of great use for you.

  3. Vyoma says:

    Ah – a nice find, Mayank.

    On a side note – that video entices me so much to take juggling as another of my hobby. What a temptation – but I must resist. As such, I do not have time to do things I have taken up. :P

  4. Great site buddy . There are a lot of things which i could learn .

  5. reviewsaurus says:

    @ Vyoma : He he! Don’t get into juggling at all! You’ve got 4-5 blogs to maintain :D

    @ Madhur : I’m glad you liked the website and its content :)

  6. kuanhoong says:

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    Currently I am using Sony’s Vegas 7.0 for all my video editing.

  7. Sunil Parmar says:

    Hi there,
    I liked it & will soon get accustomed to it. :smile:
    Priniting option sounds amazing.

    Take care!!!

  8. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ kuan : Thanks kuan for letting me know about one more software, so that I can review it :)

    @ Sunil : I’m glad you liked it and I’m sure you’ll find it better than others too.

  9. Whoa… I’ve started using their service and I fear of getting addicted!! Today I ended up doing this :

  10. ted dennis says:

    Professionally edited videos! – I think I could edit those films together with my bottom. And as for the voice over, how much are you paying stephen hawking?

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