Why should Yahoo collaborate with WordPress!

wordpress-logo-2.jpg We all know that Yahoo’s been struggling hard and that sometimes Microsoft or a joint effort of Microsoft and News corp tries to take over it. However, Yahoo has been showing negative signs of selling itself to either of the company.

Even though, it’s been in this position, Yahoo has been making quite bold steps and that includes from acquisitions of the companies to making changes in the YPN.

Well, I was thinking that what will happen if Yahoo takes over or some how partners with Automattic, the company behind WordPress ?

Before all that I would answer that why Yahoo should go for such an option :

1. Yahoo 360 is a total failure and Yahoo is the only company which isn’t successful in the blogging field. Microsoft’s Live Spaces and Google’s Blogger are quite successful in their own senses.

2. Yahoo has been big supporter of Open-source movement and WordPress is one gem of a software and one of the most successful open-source project ever created.

3. Yahoo needs to invest in a company which is growing and what will be a better example other than WordPress which is one of the fastest growing community around the internet. Also WordPress is one company which will certainly do wonders in future and I’m sure everyone will agree to that. $ 29.5 Million as investment is certainly a proof of that.

Why WordPress should collaborate with Yahoo :

1. Yahoo is still the number 1 portal (according to Alexa rankings) and if they collaborate with them then they certainly will be in benefit and will get access to much better resources than ever.

2. WordPress needs an advertising platform and YPN can be a great option for them. Not only that will be a huge boost to WordPress but it will also benefit those millions of bloggers who want to earn money out of their blogs. It will also be good for Yahoo as they’ll get a huge user base of active bloggers who want to be part of YPN. David Peralty has already mentioned that why he’s not ready to choose WordPress.com.

What do you think about such a deal between Yahoo or WordPress, Do you agree with me on this point that WordPress and Yahoo should collaborate in some way or the other ?

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12 Responses to Why should Yahoo collaborate with WordPress!

  1. Yahoo and WordPress ? well thats something different. I think you made a lot of valid points there but I am still not sure if there are enough synergies to make them both work together. Don’t know what Matt thinks about that :)

  2. David says:

    Sure, as long as Yahoo promises to not get acquired by Microsoft… :)

  3. ReviewSaurus says:

    @ Abhijeet : I just made those points which made sense to me and I’m glad that they are making sense for you too… Well, the idea is to ensure that Matt starts to think on those points too.

    @ David : Heh! well, it seems that yahoo isn’t interested much and I’m sure the moment they’ll start thinking on these lines, they’ll get a huge boost and will be able to give tough competition to Google adwords too or adsense (in case of publishers). What do you think ?

  4. Vyoma says:

    Well – hypothetically speaking, Yahoo! cannot ‘take over’ WordPress. WordPress is a GPL licensed piece of software. On the other hand, they can take over Automatic. :)

    But I get the gist of what you are telling. The same way as why they cannot take over WordPress, also facilitates Yahoo! to use WordPress to their advantage (if they find out how).

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  10. From the advertising point of view. The deal could benefit both parties.

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