WordPress 2.5 is out and here are some of the precautions you need to take!

wordpress-logo-2.jpgWordPress 2.5 finally stepped down from the beta phase and has been officially released by Matt and company. The new admin panel looks impressive, although it’s been one of the controversy around the blogosphere and many bloggers didn’t like the new admin panel. I wonder why we are not used to changes, when the only thing which never changes is change!

Well, as usual WordPress team has done a great job and introduced many new features in this new update and some of them are :

1. Image gallery.
2. Better password protection and security.
3. Multiple image uploads.
4. Better admin panel and better dashboard.
5. and a lot more

Now that we know that WordPress 2.5 is better than older versions then what all are the precautions one should need to take ?

1. Plugin and theme support : Although not much (database tables) has been changed in the latest version and most of the plugins and themes should work fine, however I’ll suggest that before you decide to upgrade the WordPress on the production blog, you should install it in a sub-domain or in a new folder and then check if it supports everything or not.

2. Make the proper back up : Once you’ve checked that everything is working fine, don’t forget to make the proper backups of wp-content folder and of course, how can we forget the database! I’ll rather suggest you to use WordPress Automatic upgrade plugin. Simple and sweet way of upgrading the WordPress. (Keep up the good work Keith!)

I know these are some of the basic things, however out of excitement or out of ignorance we tend to forget these little things too. It has happened to me and I just wanted to ensure that no one repeats the silly mistake, which I’ve done once.

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3 Responses to WordPress 2.5 is out and here are some of the precautions you need to take!

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  2. Nirmal says:

    I too planning to install on test server and then install on my blog.

  3. Binny V A says:

    I will upgrade – but not right now – I’m waiting for the early adopter to find the bugs. Currently I am working to make my WordPress plugin compactable with the new version.

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