Feed IconWeb feed is a data feed which is used to serve users with the updated content without ease. Webmasters syndicate a feed and allow the visitors to subscribe to it through news reader programs and thus make sure that the user doesn’t need to remember the website URL and that the user can get the latest updated content without visiting the website. In case you don’t use feeds and always wondered what this icon meant on all the websites, all this time then it is the right time to hit the hammer on the nail as you’ll be saving enormous amount of time by using news reader programs. Here are some of the positive points of web feeds and the reason each and everyone must use it (taken from wikipedia) :

  • Users can be notified of new content without having to actively check for it.
  • The information presented to users in an aggregator is typically much simpler than most websites. This spares users the mental effort of navigating complex web pages, each with its own layout.
  • Media files can be automatically downloaded without user intervention.
  • When subscribing to a feed, the user does not disclose their email address, so the user is not increasing their exposure to threats associated with email: spam, viruses, phishing, and identity theft.
  • If the user wants to stop receiving news, they do not have to send an ‘unsubscribe’ request; the user can simply remove the feed from their aggregator.

List of Free News Reader Programs :

1. Bloglines
2. Google Reader
3. Pageflakes
4. NetVibes
5. Live.Com

In order to subscribe and get the latest updated and reviews, please subscribe to ReviewSaurus – The Techie Dino! Soon, we’ll provide links to downloads to freebie stuff, ebooks etc. in the feed reader and only for the subscribers and which won’t be available on the site. It takes nothing to subscribe and the more people subscribe, more the chances of providing the free downloads in the feeds will increase.

In case you are not interested in using feed newsreader, although you should but still its everybody’s preference and thus I’ll give you another option of subscribing to this blog and that is through email subscription. I assure you that I DON’T SPAM AT ALL :

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